Stories From The Dark

  Who’s afraid of the dark? Plop, the baby barn owl who lives at the top of a tall tree, that's who. Fat, cute and fluffy, he has big round eyes and very knackety knees. He’s different from other barn owls around - he’s afraid of the dark! Even his mom Mrs Barn Owl’s fails … Continue reading Stories From The Dark


Nutty, Talented Men In Tutus

The Men In Tutus of Les Ballets Eloelle are all set to give Malaysians a ballet treat that is The Nutcracker, albeit with a twist. On stage at Penang PAC @ Straits Quay from November 26 to 29 and December 2 to 13 at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, the company led by Victor Trevino will dance en … Continue reading Nutty, Talented Men In Tutus