Rhythms Of A Beating Nation

My take on the performing arts industry and views from three talented Malaysian artists - published on TwentyTwo13.my    



Feeling blessed that I've had the opportunity to interview and write about performing arts advocates in Malaysia. And I'm looking forward to do much more!

Opening Minds to the Power of Drums

Music is one of the best things that man have created - and something that is best shared. The 4th installation of  International Drumming Festival -Kaleidescope 4: Drumming Nation was proof of this. Presented by Hands Percussion, the harmonious collaboration saw talents from Burkina Faso-US, Indonesia Germany and Malaysia, opening up the minds of music lovers … Continue reading Opening Minds to the Power of Drums

Opium – An Artistic Addiction

Bernard Goh’s passion for artistic expression is infectious. The Artist Director of Hands Percussion is a believer of following his heart.  After forming the drums-centric group in 1997, he went on to create and collaborate on many eye-opening productions such as Ritual of Drums (2002), Kaleidoscope 3 (2014), and the soon-to-be staged Opium. Set to presented from July … Continue reading Opium – An Artistic Addiction