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Hello 2017!

This year it's going to me about me. I am going to be selfish in 2017 and put me on the top of the list. Yes, it's all going to be about me! I'm going to do what makes me happy. I'm going for more walks. More runs. I'm going to write more, interview more,… Continue reading Hello 2017!


My Inspiration

Nobody was more surprised than I was when I found out this result when I did the Buzzfeed Quiz: What Kind of Writer Are You?   My first thoughts were that it was great that I "got" my favourite writer and it was obviously a mere coincidence. However, after reading the description below I felt… Continue reading My Inspiration

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Confessions: Tandoori Chicken,Never The Same!

After a little over a year of being a writer/journalist for a newspaper, I am starting to get excited about assignments. Some days the assignments are easy peasy, other days not so. But on many many occasions, I am inspired by the people I meet, many for small little things they do. Sometimes the inspiration… Continue reading Confessions: Tandoori Chicken,Never The Same!