Thank You Technology

Earlier today, I sent my birthday wishes to one of my favourite musicians of all time, John Mayer - through a comment on his Instagram post.  "Happy Birthday John! Thank you for the wonderful music. Keep em' coming!" (Insert heart eyes emoji). Regardless of whether John would actually read my comment (or not), I was … Continue reading Thank You Technology


Album Review: The Search For Everything

As a big fan of John Mayer, this reviewer admits, his latest album The Search For Everything is not his finest. Still, the seventh album from the musician has moments that pull on the heartstrings of ardent followers. In songs such as Hopeless, Moving On And Getting Over, and In The Blood,  his guitar work … Continue reading Album Review: The Search For Everything

Opening Minds to the Power of Drums

Music is one of the best things that man have created - and something that is best shared. The 4th installation of  International Drumming Festival -Kaleidescope 4: Drumming Nation was proof of this. Presented by Hands Percussion, the harmonious collaboration saw talents from Burkina Faso-US, Indonesia Germany and Malaysia, opening up the minds of music lovers … Continue reading Opening Minds to the Power of Drums