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George Town Dreamin’


It took me approximately one week after I returned from my break before feeling the blues.

Or maybe, it’s just because I went to George Town, Penang.

There are few cities in the world with the ability to make me fall in love, a little bit more, every time I visit. George  Town is one of them. From its vintage buildings, artsy activities – and of course gorgeous food, my obsession with the capital of Penang goes beyond mouth watering street delicacies and history and lingers around its old-school charm and positive energy.

George Town is one place you should get lost in. Yes, it has happened to me – many, many times.  Chances are you will end up discovering your own little bit of happiness in the city of character. Whether its the best char kuey teow and cendol in a dilapidated hut near the jetty at Weld Quay or 1-for-1 house pouring wine at Georgetown Wines – and everything in between, the best discoveries are revealed by the random, unexpected act of losing oneself in the heart of the historical neighbourhood.

Foodies are known to have spontaneous road trips from other parts of Malaysia to this food mecca called Gurney Drive Hawker Centre – and I don’t blame them. The street delicacies are certainly high on the scale of taste.

From world-renowned events like the Georgetown Festival and Georgetown Literary Festival, 27 different types of museums and not to mention, different temples and cultural houses, the city is a culture vulture’s dream come true.

George Town’s Top 5

  1. Take the ferry from Butterworth to George Town.  The 15 minute, breezy ferry ride gives a great view of the gorgeous city.
  2. Saunter along Armenian Street. Choose a random cafe or coffee shop and have a meal there. It may be one of the best decisions you make on the trip.
  3. Walk along the narrower streets of Little India. You may pick up on the energy in the air. Embrace it.
  4. No maps, no GPS, or itineraries. Just walk around and let the Universe be your tour guide.
  5. Don’t be afraid of getting lost. You will discover hidden gems.
  6. Bonus: Try the food.

For these reasons alone, (and there’s many more!) I’d go back to George Town every single year. Or maybe even twice this year. 😉


2 thoughts on “George Town Dreamin’

  1. Sounds so wonderful, and just like my kind of place.. The food must have been amazing – I’ve heard this is one of the world’s top cities for foodies.


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