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Obsession: Elif Shafak

wavesesTo be honest, I never thought that I would find another author who would be able to satisfy the literary cravings of my soul like Paulo Coelho. He is and will always be one of my favourite authors.  Yet, with humble apologies to you PC, you no longer hold the prime position of favourite author in my heart. You’re now sharing it with the latest love of my life, as far as authors are concerned – Elif Shafak.

45-year-old Elif  is not just an award winning novelist, she is also a  mother of 2 and a vocal political scientist, especially when it comes to her home country Turkey. She has published 15 books, both in Turkish and English.

I first found out about Elif  when I was browsing through books at the Big Bad Wolf Sale. Thanks to the (still) unfulfilled dream to visit Turkey, and in particular, Istanbul, I found myself adding The Architect’s Apprentice into the box.  I confess: it was sitting on my bookshelf for a few months before I actually started reading it. I was hooked after the first page and finished reading it in record time.

It was only when I began reading The Forty Rules Of Love when she suddenly found her place in my heart next to Paulo Coelho. With Rumi and his friend Shams as the protagonists, the book to me, was a reflection of a spiritual awakening brilliantly disguised as  an addictive narrative – preferably devoured in the comfort of one’s bed.

I’m off to bed with my third Elif book – The Gaze! 😉


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