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Album Review: The Search For Everything

john mayer search

As a big fan of John Mayer, this reviewer admits, his latest album The Search For Everything is not his finest.

Still, the seventh album from the musician has moments that pull on the heartstrings of ardent followers.

In songs such as Hopeless, Moving On And Getting Over, and In The Blood,  his guitar work and creative lyrics present the listener with a chance to indulge in artistic inventions reminiscent of his past musical offerings.

Love On The Weekend, the first single he released online is a breezy number that is easy to get into. Helpless gives fans a chance to go back to the days when mesmerising guitar riffs became John’s signature. While Moving On And Getting Over has its electrifying moments, it is In The Blood that caught this writer by surprise, with its honest lyrics and bonafide questions.

“How much of my father am I destined to become? Will I dim the lights inside me just to satisfy someone?”

His other songs are likable, no doubt. There’s certainly nothing wrong with Changing, Roll It On Home, or Emoji of a Wave. Still Feel Like Your Man is easy on the ears, and with the music video out in the first week of April, (spoiler alert), we know for sure that dancing is not his strong suit. Luckily, he has music and lyrics to fall back on.

While the album is a good one for road trips and chillout sessions, there’s still something lacking in the entire album – the WOW factor. After setting the musical benchmark high with his third studio album Continuum, the singer-songwriter-guitarist has not been able to go beyond that – yet!

The Search For Everything is a mishmash of genres- pop, blues, a touch of pop and country, which possibly reveals John’s state of mind.  This latest album is still worth the moolah, with its ability to get into your skin, albeit slowly.

Confession: This writer is no fan of the album cover, but strongly believes that everyone should listen to In The Blood with headphones and volume on maximum.


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