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Into The Spotlight: Hannan Azlan Opens For Super Kam Ultra

superkamultraTimes are changing for Hannan Azlan, after the young comedian brought the house and the comedy crown back to Malaysia – which she won at the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival last year.
Since then she has been “living in fear of it all slowly going downhill”, but there’s no sign of that happening yet!  She has been invited to do more shows, judged a comedy competition in Bangkok, opened for Butch Bradley in Hong Kong and started to work on a full-length “musical”, to be premiered in December.

Her latest stint is opening Joanne Kam’s Super Kam Ultra, to be staged from March 24 to 26 at Pentas 1, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. Approached by the Malaysian Queen of Comedy to open the show, Hannan is grateful and excited to be opening up for the show and for the big time comedians herself.

“I can’t quite remember when I first heard of Joanne Kam, I mean who hasn’t heard of her? I first met Joanne at a women’s day show in 2016. I think she is one of the most hard working comedians in KL, and the sexiest, of course. She has a vibrant “Go Go Get It” attitude that I hope will rub off on me. Joanne inspires me because she uses her success to bring up other people,” said Hannan.

With Joanne giving the cast the freedom to present their own set, fans of Hannan can expect squeaky-clean sweetness in the form of a song. She of course will be playing the ukulele, which she picked up in 2013, and fell in love with.

The comedian who first went on stage with her Ukulele in 2015 names Gina Yashere, as a comedian who makes her laugh until her stomach hurts. Her favourite local comedian is Thenesh Skip, who she believes is a comedian who writes fresh and relevant content, while her music comedy she often listens to are The Lonely Island and Bo Burnham.

Like (almost)all comedians, Hannan has her share of nervousness going on stage. She gets through it by focusing on breathing and distracting herself by watching the other performers that go on stage, before her.

“If it’s a good show, on stage is magic,” she admits.

A young woman with a unique voice, Hannan has her own share of challenges being a woman on stage.

“I have received many back-handed compliments such as “You are funny… for a girl!” or “I never thought women were funny, but you were good!”. I overcome it by not focusing on them and just working at what I do,” revealed Hannan.

Known as the fastest rising star of Malaysian comedy, she has performed at many shows including the Singapore Comedy Fringe, Comedy Manila, Hong Kong’s TakeOut Comedy Club, Singapore’s Comedy Masala, Urbanscapes 2016, Astro’s first English season of KOMEDIRI and at the Crackhouse Comedy Club.

With the belief that “Nothing matters, we all die in the end”, Hanna believes in being kind and doing what makes you happy.” Unsurprisingly, for Hannan, success is about being happy, being emotionally and mentally content while having artistic satisfaction and freedom of choice.

“I will feel I am successful once I am at a point where I can use my “success” to give opportunities to other people and communities that are important to me,” added Hannan.

Catch Hannan is her opening act together with comedy powerhouses  Joanne Kam, Sharul Channa, Shamaine Othman, Bibi KPoh and host Papi Zak as they make audiences laugh with their own brand of comedy. Tickets for the show (March 24-26, 8.30pm) are priced at RM48/58/68/78 on or call 03-4047 9000 (KLPac). For more information visit



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