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Aladdin Flies High At PJ Live Arts


Enfiniti Academy’s Aladdin Reloaded brought life and laughs with touches its own brand of Malaysian humour, slapstick comedy and popular songs.


Following the staging of Aladdin – A Musical Comedy in 2015, this year’s new content, jokes and choreography brought laughter on many levels for the entire family.

In Aladdin Reloaded, the wicked wizard Abanaza (Peter Davis) is looking for a magic lamp that contains the most powerful Genie around. After getting the innocent Aladdin to do the hard work of getting the lamp, he cleverly escapes with the Emperor and Empress Of China‘s beautiful princess Kim K, the love interest of Aladdin. Together with his cheeky brother Wishee Washee (Brian Chan), their mother and washerwoman Widow Twanky (Rashid Salleh), they embark on a mission to save the princess (and the magic lamp).. They get help from the mystical, green coloured Spirit of Ring (Tria Aziz), and the sweethearts finally get blessings from the heads of the state to be together.

Directed by Joanna Bessey, with musical direction by Llew Marsh and choreography by J.Redza, the lead cast include professional actors such as the well known Rashid Salleh, singer and actor Tria Aziz and model/ actor/MMA fighter Peter Davis. The talented cast was supported by Enfiniti Academy’s young students, showed their potential in the two-hour long production.

Produced by Enfiniti Vision Media, the performance was packed with slapstick comedy, a little silliness and a few surprisingly talented youngsters, including Alesia Dhana, who demonstrated her prowess in singing as Princess Kim K. While Rashid was hilarous as he alter-ego, Peter was the perfect villain we all love to hate. The gorgeous Tria mesmerised audience with her vocals.

The musical numbers chosen for the show were presented well-on stage, especially the likes of A Whole New World, Thriller, R.E.S.P.E.C.T and Uptown Funk.  With the colourful costumes and different backgrounds on its digital screen on stage, the audience was whisked into a world of flying carpets, misadventures and villains.

At the last show at PJ Live Arts on Sunday, the audience also had plenty of chances to interact with the cast during the play.  While children took in the more obvious, in your face hilarious moments, the adults in the theatre laughed at the many funny innuendos throughout the performance.

For this reviewer/performing arts fan,  it was heart warming to see the chemistry and energy from the young talents from different backgrounds, who  together with the lead cast,entertained the young and young at heart.




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