My Inspiration


Nobody was more surprised than I was when I found out this result when I did the Buzzfeed Quiz: What Kind of Writer Are You?  

My first thoughts were that it was great that I “got” my favourite writer and it was obviously a mere coincidence.

However, after reading the description below I felt like there was a lot more truth to it, and that it accurately describes my thoughts on writing.

Deeper calling to the work. Check!  tick
Not shy of adding a moral to the story. Check!   tick
Want readers to understand my viewpoint. Check! tick
More than writing on paper. Check!Check! Check! Check!     tick

Ok, my articles may not be a written prayer, but I like my readers to feel like it is worth the read and they can get something out of it (At least I try).  Unlike the inspiring Coelho, with his legions of fans, I don’t know if I have managed to inspire anyone, but I will continue on the quest to write better, for my own fulfillment.

And who knows, I might just end up writing a best selling novel in the near future! 😉


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