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Cities of my Heart

No matter how far I go, my heart will always belong to Kuala Lumpur

I love cities.

The backdrop of man-made architectural landscapes have the ability to draw me in, embrace me with its vibrancy and let me go softly – leaving me inspired, renewed and so alive.

From my birthplace of Kuala Lumpur, to the artistic lanes of Melbourne, historical Sevilla and picturesque London, cities have a magnet that pulls me towards them.

Whether witnessing my first glimpse of the island of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry or walking through the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong, these locations produce this indescribable energy that I would gladly swim (and even get lost in).

Cities, both capital or commercial, invite me to experience their well known qualities and discover hidden treasures. I hear the whispers of Istanbul. Los Angeles, Dublin, Praha and Mumbai.

“Come to me dear Anu. See for yourself the stories you’ve read. Sit at the cafe and watch life go by. Let the Universe be your guide and show you secrets of the city. I’ll keep you safe.”

But these days, cities are not as safe as they used to be. The human race can be extremely selfish and irresponsible. Bombs in unattended bags, seemingly planned shootouts in cafes, suicide bombers at airports… the world is a scary place. You never know if your next trip to the city will be your last.

Still, I won’t be the one to bow to these selfish, irresponsible people. I won’t stop visiting my beautiful cities. I will continue to make my plans and take up their invitations to visit them.

Brussels, Istanbul, Jakarta, Paris, Damsacus, Baghdad, Beirut…and more.

Wait for me, my beautiful cities. Stay safe.


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