Stories From The Dark



Who’s afraid of the dark?

Plop, the baby barn owl who lives at the top of a tall tree, that’s who.

Fat, cute and fluffy, he has big round eyes and very knackety knees. He’s different from other barn owls around – he’s afraid of the dark! Even his mom Mrs Barn Owl’s fails to change his mind so she tells him to fly into the night and find out more about the dark.

His adventures in the night lead him to meet a little boy waiting for fireworks to start,
an old lady in her garden and scouts out camping.  From them, he learns that dark is exciting, kind and fun. He finally realises that night is not all that bad after all.

Based on the book  written by Jill Tomlinson, The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark is performed by  Blunderbus Theatre Company from the UK. Presented by Emily Sly, James Ward and Sam Hoye, the well known tale takes children from ages 3 to  7, on a journey of discovery and understanding through live music, puppetry and storytelling. 

Like their previous productions performed by the company here in Malaysia such as The Selfish Crocodile, Giraffes Can’t Dance, and Elmer The Star, there is a lot of interaction off stage with the children (and a grown up or two).  

Even before the show begins, the cast interact with the audience and quickly gain the support of the kids off stage and later on stage. The trio manage well to get the children to participate in the show, and has some interesting surprises for the audience. The songs, which were sung live were entertaining. While the production seemed longer than most for this reviewer, the kids clearly enjoyed themselves as the company revealed Plop’s adventures in the night.

This one is definitely one for the kids!  

Catch The Owl Who Was Afraid To Fly PJ Live Arts @ Jaya One February 25 – 23 March 23 2016 Mon – Fri at 10:00 am Sun at 2:00pm, 5:00pm, KuAsh Theatre TTDI from March 7 – 9 and Penangpac on March 11 at 10:00am, 12.30pm & 7.00pm.

Ticket prices are RM50 (economy), RM65 (premium), RM80 (VIP) and Family (4 pax): RM222 (premium), RM288 (VIP) plus 6% GST.  To purchase tickets visit


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