Revamping Music, Sandra Style

sandraSandra Mannas Wolf has always loved revamping songs.

As a little girl, Sandra loved singing pop and rock songs while romanticising them into ballads and jazz numbers. Fast forward to 2012, she entertained the idea of revamping songs, especially after she performed Mack the Knife (by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill) with the High Winds Ensemble at a private event at the German Ambassador’s Residence.

“In 2014, I also joined Xiong Lee and his Bossa Nova band at Alexis Ampang by performing Eurythmics and Bob Marley songs in the bossa style. When I heard about Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) and what he was doing to contemporary and 20th century pop songs in the US – changing them to genres from early jazz to the 1960’s – I sat up and listened. Maybe I should pursue this?” she asked herself.

Sandra made her first attempt at a PMJ arrangement All About That Bass at Mezze in Medan Damansara in January last year. This time around, she is taking well-known songs from  different genres and re-imagining them into new styles: from country to rock n roll, pop to Motown or bossa,reggae to bossa and more – from January 29 to 31, at Theatre Lounge Cafe.

No stranger to collaborating with pianist Loh Ui Li, her past sessions have been straight forward as Ui Li transposed the songs, and sent the band InTown the charts to learn. This time around the two started brainstorming random songs in different styles, keeping in mind the piano, sax, bass, violin and drums, and Sandra’s voice. The biggest challenge was to try to get the song to suit the new style and her voice, and then getting the key right. They spent a few hours a week for a month to rehearse and fine tune the song list and arrangement.

“Ui Li loved the idea as she loves and is good at arranging. Being very young and talented, she is open to new ideas and learning new and old music. I’m enjoying showing her songs from my generation and from my classical training days that are not so well known to her,” added Sandra.

Featuring two sets of 40 minutes of good ol’ mix of music, audience can look forward to the talented singer crooning Mack the Knife swing style. Paying tribute to her Australian roots, Sandra will also be taking a classic hard rock anthem, AD/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long and transforming it country-hillbily style!

Sandra will be joined stage by her “new Aussie discovery”,  Alex Terry, who has lent his vocals in her show in December. The songstress, who describes him as a wizard on the harmonica, is looking to add a different element to the performance, where he will be singing reworked versions of songs from The Beatles and Simply Red on two nights. Her daughter Vanessa, who is on her way to being an accomplished singer will be singing a revamped version of Radiohead’s Creep. Sandra is also going to be singing a duet with her good friend Leone Carroll, but is keeping the details a secret until performance day.

At her last show Are You Serious? at the Theatre Lounge Cafe in June, Sandra wore fashion corsets in line with the the Brecht/Weill, seedy 1920s Berlin, gangster-prostitute type songs. Ladies in vampish attire received prizes from the show sponsors. This time, Corset Me will be giving those wearing vampish attire a chance to win vouchers from BMIC Nail Spa Salon and vampish goodie bags.  

Catch Sandra performing well-loved songs in a new musical perspective at ReVamped.
Cover charge is at RM65/117. For more info call 03-67307982.


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