Chili Padi Estie On TV


Kids with talent in the kitchen take on professional chefs in Man Vs Child: Chef Showdown, from Tuesday, January 26 on Lifetime, Astro Channel 708.

The new cooking competition series is a culinary battle between some of America’s most talented young chefs and their idols – professionally trained adult chefs, most of whom have been cooking longer than their child competitors have been alive.

Hosted by chef and television personality Adam Gertler, the 13 episodes will feature a team of five child masterchefs including Estie (8), Dylan (11), Emamlee (12), Cloyce (13) and Holden (14) who go head to head with one executive level chef every week, with the promise of bragging rights if they emerge as winners.

Promoting the series in Asia was Estie, entertained the Malaysian media with her cooking skills and chatter while having a 20 minute cook off recently with Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur’s Executive Chef, Antoine­ Rodriquez.

Before starting, Estie or Esther Kung, did her signature “I am ­watching you” move. The friendly competition saw Estie cook a seared salmon with clam chowder while Chef Antoine came up with gnocchi with lobster sauce. While both chefs managed to wow the audience with the delicious smells from their kitchen spots, all eyes were on Estie as she ended the challenge eating her favourite fruit, the banana and overing Chef Antoine one.

Throughout the event the child prodigy of Chinese-American parentage from Hollywood, California gave away snippets of information about herself. Naming caviar as her favourite food, and purple her favourite colour Estie’s favourite artists include Madonna, even happily singing ‘Get Into The Groove’ to the delight of the audience.

When asked her advice on introducing new food to children Estie’s suggestion was “Don’t tell them what it is. If you don’t tell them what it is, they will love it.”

Catch the fiesty Estie in the premiere ­episode of Man vs Child: Chef Showdown, entitled Don’t ­Under-Estie-mate Her.


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