Book Review: The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad


A fan of Bollywood for three quarters of my life, it was a pleasant surprise for me when I found out one of my favourite actresses, Twinkle Khanna had ventured into writing – making waves in her homeland as a newspaper columnist and well-known author. Continue reading


Immerse Yourself: L5-7-44


Please don’t mind the guy in the corner, he doesn’t know he’s unemployed. Yes, you will be attended to shortly. The woman over there? “Till death do us part.” You don’t want to know. Oh yes, we will understand you – Malay, English, Chinese, we all speak it. That boy over there? Family. Estranged. Stuck in his head. I hope you brought your payment – don’t be the daydreaming father in the corner. He’s been here awhile.

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